Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp

The beauty of science

What is the image of light?

This question is the core of the identity project for the international physics conference Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp, organized by the universities of Exeter and Southampton, together with the Laboratory Kastler-Brossel and King's College London.

Nanophotonics is the study of the behaviour of light on the nanometer scale.
We cannot use photographs to represent photons 
and subatomic particles, but we can represent them through visual metaphors of their behaviour.

Light behaves as wave or as particles 
according to specific situations.

This behaviour is represented through a double use of lines (the waves) and rectangles (the matter), of electric blue and yellow. Everything is moreover conveyed by the potentialities of vectorial geometries.

– I am among those who think
that science has great beauty.

Marie Curie

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